Sunday, May 16, 2010


42 years after my last pool-based workout, I was swimming timed sets early on Sunday morning at the Loyola Marymount University pool. I was the only one without goggles or a cap, and the only one in a bright pink suit. What on earth am I doing here?

The water was warm, the coach was a sweet, smart guy, and I was not the worst or slowest swimmer, though I was definitely the fattest. Breaststroke was always my forte; here I was expected to do backstroke and butterfly, which had only recently been invented during my AAU days in the 1960's. LMU is an outdoor pool; how on earth do you swim a straight backstroke without lines on the ceiling?

After an hour of various sets, we were finished, and I was tired. Good tired. Muscles tired.

I think I'll buy some goggles and a cap this week, and try again next Sunday. 

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